St Joseph’s aims to provide opportunities to develop and cultivate leadership qualities within all students. We aim to instil in students, a strong sense of social justice through the service of others.

School Leaders

Students in Year 6 are all eligble to become school leaders. The process commences in Year 5, where students are expected to fulfil a set criteria, in order to be eligible. Students who fulfil the criteria are encouraged to apply to become School Captain or Vice Captain of the school. This was re-established in 2020. Students and staff are given an opportunity to vote for their preferred captain. The Executive team conduct the vote counting process and announce the decision of the school community at Presentation Day. All students, who are not successful at being elected, but meet the criteria, will receive their School Representative Council leadership badge at the Opening School Mass.

The leaders perform a number of ceremonial roles on special occasions. They meet and liaise often with the Stage 3 teacher and principal. The leaders are responsible for setting a good example of being responsible, respectful and safe at all times.

They have responsibility for the care of sports equipment, maintaining house enthusiasm in sporting activities, representing the school at community functions – ANZAC March, Festival of the Fleeces, Australia Day celebrations, Clean Up Australia Day as well as school based activities such as working bees and annual school campdraft and fete.

The leaders see a major part of their role to be problem solvers and forward thinkers. The leaders run the Mission Day activities throughout the year and other social justice initiatives as they present.