Who can enrol at St Joseph’s?

St Joseph’s Primary School, Merriwa accepts children from Kindergarten to Year 6 both within the town district and outlying rural properties travelling from Cassilis and Sandy Hollow.

Where can my child attend high school?

Students of St Joseph's, Merriwa are encouraged to continue their Catholic education by attending St Joseph's High School, Aberdeen. The Catholic Schools Office provides a coach to transport students from Merriwa to St Joseph’s High School, Aberdeen daily.

What will be the uniform and grooming requirements?

St Joseph’s takes pride in their students wearing the school uniform in a proud and tidy manner which represents the school to the highest standard. As a parent, you can assist in this by ensuing that your child has all the required uniform pieces, ensuring that boys have shirts with room to allow for the comfortable buttoning of top buttons and tucking in of shirts and by replacing lost uniform items as needed. Girl’s uniforms should be long enough to allow freedom of movement whilst maintaining their modesty. Please ensure that all items are labelled with child’s name.

Will there be a transition program?

Transition programs involve up to eight opportunities for students to visit the school and participate in classes and playground activities. Staff also conduct information sessions for parents to learn vital information about school readiness.

How does my child get to school?

The Cowan's Bus Service provides bus services for students travelling to and from school. For information regarding bus routes and travel, visit http://www.cowans.com.au or call (02) 6547 4416.

In areas where there is no public transport, eligible residents may receive a subsidy for transporting their students to school by private vehicle. For details please visit http://transportnsw.info/school-students

Where do I drop my child off at school?

Students may be dropped off outside the front of the school at the Marquet Street entrance. Please do not stop or park in the bus zone during the signposted hours. If dropping off on the eastern side of Marquet Street, parents must accompany their children across the road and inside the gate. Walkers can enter via Marquet Street or up past the church from Vennacher Street.

Is St Joseph’s open to all students?

Yes. St Joseph’s is an inclusive and welcoming community where equal opportunities for all students exist.

Does my child need to be a Catholic to attend this school?

No, anyone seeking a quality Catholic education is welcome at St Joseph’s school.

Does St Joseph’s offer a range of sports for the students?

Yes. Not only do the students participate in weekly PE and Sport lessons, they also participate in intensive gymnastics and swimming lessons. We engage the services of professional bodies for coaching workshops in Rugby, soccer, League, tennis and other sports. Students who perform at high levels can qualify to represent the school at Regional Diocesan and even state levels in all summer and winter sports as well as cross country, swimming and athletics. The school has an equestrian team that competes in inter-school horse sports events.

What if I have any other questions?

St Joseph’s staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email admin@merriwa.catholic.edu.au or call the school on 6548 2035 at any time during school hours.