The Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus provides information about teaching and learning visual arts, music, drama and dance. The syllabus provides opportunities for students to learn to work with and learn about these art forms, as well as develop knowledge, skills and understanding and their development of values about the art forms.

The staff at St Joseph’s Primary School, Merriwa acknowledges the inclusion of perspectives in the Creative Arts through planning and programming, including particular artists, actors, musicians, dancers and events of significance in cultural life.


  • That the students engage in learning experiences in visual arts, music, drama and dance as part of their natural growth and development
  • That the students have regular learning experiences that are planned and sequenced for developing students’ skills and knowledge within the art forms
  • To assist students in their lifelong learning in the visual arts, music, drama and dance
  • To provide opportunities to respect the views of various social and cultural groups, people with different religions and belief systems, and people with disabilities
  • That the students value the different perspectives of females and males


  • Class teachers follow the NSW syllabus for Creative Arts for planning, teaching and assessing units of work
  • Members of the ASPIRE team assist with the teaching of Drama and Dance each year. The ASPIRE program includes professional development and coaching of students in primary schools throughout the year. St Joseph's invests heavily in this program to ensure our students are benefitting from such a professional coaching program. Each year, at the conclusion of all our ASPIRE coaching, the St Joseph’s students present a school musical/play, showcasing the students’ skills in dance, singing and drama. In 2020, during the COVID Pandemic, students rehearsed and performed "The Year of Corona", where it was presented to the parent community via a pre-recorded stream.
  • Parents are invited and welcome to assist with group work, specialised activities and advice in implementing special programs
  • Upper Hunter Conservatorium tutors conduct one-on-one lessons with children whose families choose to participate
  • Upper Hunter Music Camp (Kia Ora) is offered to all children in Years 3-6. This camp focuses on Music, Drama and Dance.