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President:  Mr Dermot Shannon        Ph 6548 2996

Secretary:  Mrs Peta Luke                 Ph 6548 2993    

Treasurer:  Mrs Bronwyn Redgate     Ph 6548 2469



St Joseph’s Merriwa Parents and Friends Association welcomes new members.  The support of the P&F is integral to the efficient running of the school. The P&F have responsibility for the running of several committees within the school. Parental participation on these committees is actively encouraged.  Meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month or as determined by the committee. Notice is given via the school newsletter prior to the meeting advising time, venue and agenda.

Overview of positions

President – someone who is organised, able to delegate jobs, good people skills, convene meetings in a timely manner, attend and chair monthly meetings, liaise with the Principal and other school staff.

Vice President – able to support President and help out where needed or as requested, good people skills, attend monthly meetings.

Treasurer – keep accurate financial records of all income and expenses, pay all accounts, bank all money regularly, attend monthly meetings.

Secretary – someone who is literate and has good communications skills, takes the minutes of meetings, writes any letters for the P&F, has initiative, attend monthly meetings.

Canteen Coordinator – able to maintain a healthy and organised canteen, has food handling skills, able to organise volunteers and rosters, do reports for meetings.

Uniform Coordinator – order uniforms from suppliers, manage accounts, stocktake, do reports for meetings, able to work independently.

                                        2016 Summer Uniform Order Form and Price List

Bus Roster Coordinator – organise a roster of cleaners for the year, order in cleaning products as needed.

                                        Bus Cleaning Instructions

                                        2016 Bus Roster

Street Stall Coordinator – generally these are held once a term.  At the start of the year plan the dates you want to hold a street stall, contact the Council in writing to confirm these dates, let the school body know when the stall is to be held in advance, delegate workers to man the stall.

Mother’s Day Coordinator – this is one of our major fundraisers for the year.  Need not be too labour intensive with the right planning, able to plan a menu, delegate jobs, oversee the job.

Festival of the Fleeces Barbecue Coordinator – like the Mother’s Day Lunch this is also a major fundraiser for the school.  Need to be organised, order the food and drinks needed, able to organise volunteers and do a roster.  There are detailed lists from previous years to follow.

Year 6 Shirt Coordinator – the style and colour of the shirts have been decided already, you just need to have the children and parents decide on the logo and style of printing to be used, order the shirts in term 2 ready for term 3.  There are guidelines already established for this.

Fete Coordinator – along with your Committee, you decide on a theme and date for the Fete.  Need to be an organised person, able to delegate jobs, have initiative, as the Fete draws nearer be able to organise and attend meetings to oversee the progress.

Committee members – willing to help out wherever needed


Detailed Role Descriptions


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